Innovation and Vision

The Genova Company takes the best practices of the past and blends them together with innovative ideas that work even better today.

Capital Innovation: With both public and private company experience — and billions of transactions completed — we can be flexible.  We tailor the blend of debt and equity to meet the needs of investors, lenders, and REITs.  We know when a net lease or a taxable REIT subsidiary will work, or whether bond debt would be best.  We know how to blend the strengths of for-profit and not-for profit.  We are in close touch with the ever-changing economic markets and always look for ways to bring down the costs of building and financing retirement communities.

Design Innovation:  With broad experience in 30 states and in all product lines – independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and CCRCs, we can be both innovative and pragmatic.  While there are many roads to success, we know that some properties are too small and some too large to run efficiently.  We know the markets that want cozy versus those that want shiny.  We have designed and owned many floor plans and many site plans. We pay attention to the “new”, but always make sure that it works as well or better than the “old”.

Relationship Innovation: We are partners.  We place a high priority on listening and understanding the needs of all of our partners:  our residents, operators, investors, associates, and the local community.  We understand the need first and only then bring the right solutions that will fit those needs.  Our job is to listen, consider, recommend, and implement.  We pride ourselves on achieving the goals of our partners, a strategy that has led to a reputation for successful investments and repeat business.


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